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Canine Care Center

Experience the love and compassion at AGN’s Sanctuary and Healing center firsthand by scheduling a visit. All tours are by appointment and need to be scheduled in advance. To make arrangements please call or email us. For the safety of our animals, children under the age of 18 years old are not permitted at the sanctuary without special arrangements (though few exceptions are made).

Outdoor Enrichment

The Canine Care Center is comprised of two sections. One section provides clean individual living spaces complete with bed, toys and fresh water for canine residents who do not care to share space with others.

The other section is filled with sharable beds and spaces for the residents that enjoy napping and sharing space with other residents.

Sanctuary and Healing Center

While many wonderful organizations provide abused or neglected animals with short-term shelter and care before placing them in adoptive homes, we are different. Animal Guardian Network is a place where the most overlooked and forgotten animals—elderly, special needs, and hospice animals who were destined for euthanasia or slaughter and had little chance for adoption—come to live out the rest of their lives in a safe, loving, enriching sanctuary.

Where a long life is not always possible, but a full one absolutely is.

Healing Heart Chapel

The heart knows no difference between losing an animal companion and losing a human companion. We hurt deeply because we love deeply. The process of grieving for a pet should be no different than mourning the death of a human being. The difference lies in the value that is placed on a pet by family, and by society as a whole. The Healing Heart Chapel will offer animal lovers sanctuary. A place of peace where comfort and support can be found throughout the grieving process, and beyond. A place where loved ones will never be forgotten because every life matters.


Shiba Inu Breed

With over 20 years of breed specific experience, Animal Guardian Network’s sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind facility providing life-long care for Shiba Inus. Animal Guardian Network is a 100% NO-KILL facility with no allowable percentage of dogs that are considered acceptable to euthanize. Though Animal Guardian Network has in-depth knowledge about Shiba Inus intake into the sanctuary is determined by the need not the breed.

Arizona Certified Equine Rescue

Providing lifesaving intervention at kill auctions Animal Guardian Network permanent sanctuary and life-long skilled care to unwanted, neglected and abused horses. Curly the resident spokes-steer and other previously unwanted livestock also find their permanent homes at the sanctuary.

Meet the Animals

We are not an animal rescue. We are an animal sanctuary.

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Candles lit at a healing ceremony for those who have lost an animal


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