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A Place for the Ones No One Else Would Save

New Freedom

Onaqui's sanctuary release at Healing River Ranch.

Raising the Ranch

Animal Guardian Network Raising the Ranch Campaign - Sponsor a fence panel

Who We Are

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Animal Guardian Network (AGN), founded in 2009, is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal healing sanctuary located in Camp Verde, Arizona.

Curly the Cow
Karl the Sheep
Ivy the Pig

We provide neglected animals life-saving care and rehabilitation. Our sanctuary gives special needs animals hospice care for life.

Pancho the Burro
Sake the Shiba Inu
Wyatt the Lamb

Animal Guardian Network operates solely through grants, donations, and general store sales. No government funding is received. Every dollar donated goes towards saving the lives of animals in need.

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​Please consider making a donation to our healing ranch & sanctuary. We really need your continued support. Your donation helps end suffering. Visit our donations page to see how funds are used.

Fence Panel Progress

$23,000 Total
63% Funded
73 / 115 Panels
$14,600 So far
Animal Guardian Network is not what you may think — because we’re not like any place you’ve ever known.

Ways to Help

Koko the dog smiling in a leg cast


There are several options to support our mission.

Volunteer Wendy embracing Maggie the dog


Want to make a difference and get involved? Become a part of the AGN family!

We are always looking for great, dedicated and dependable volunteers.

Self-starters are an added plus!

Tyler the dog recovering after surgery


Sponsorship gifts provide recurring monthly support for the work of the Animal Guardian Network. Giving what you can each month is one of the greatest ways you can help us meet our needs. Our needs each month include, but are not limited to:

  • Food and Medicine
  • Ongoing Care Needs
  • Cleaning and Household Products
  • Building and Site Development
  • Employing Staff for Animal Care

Help us continue building a legacy!

While many wonderful organizations provide abused or neglected animals with short-term shelter and care before placing them in adoptive homes, we are different.

Animal Guardian Network is a place where the most overlooked and forgotten animals—elderly, special needs, and hospice animals who were destined for euthanasia or slaughter and had little chance for adoption—come to live out the rest of their lives in a safe, loving, enriching sanctuary.

Where a long life is not always possible, but a full one absolutely is.

Meet the Animals

We are not an animal rescue. We are an animal sanctuary.

Come Visit Us

Candles lit at a healing ceremony for those who have lost an animal


Check our Facebook page to see our latest events and regular updates on the animals.

Butter the dog jumping over a concrete wall


Come visit us and take a tour, spend some time with the animals, and relax by the river.

Kona the dog before receiving treatment

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Reach out to us!

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