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Once upon a time there was a quarter horse ranch where beautiful paint quarter horses were bred.

When the father handed the reins over to the son the future of the herd and ranch changed forever.

The son chose drugs and the horses paid, some with their lives. They were eventually seized and sent on to a feed lot to go up for auction and likely purchased by killer buyers.

Instead the entire herd was purchased by an incredible equine rescue. Unfortunately it was learned later that a couple of the stallions were purchased by another rescue with the intent of euthanizing them because they were unbroken stallions.

Thankfully, their whereabouts were discovered. One of the stallions wasn’t so lucky though. He was euthanized just one day prior.

The rescuer drove 5 hours to pick this boy up who had already been gelded.

He was the herd leader. Unbroken with the quiet strength of an old soul. He had no desire to be broken. She respected this and waited for a sanctuary that would honor his desire and protect his unbroken spirit.

Eight months later AGN learned of him. After speaking to the rescue it was decided he would find forever sanctuary at AGN.

They made the 10 hour trip to AZ with our newest resident and long-awaited companion for Sky who has been alone for 10 months now since the loss of Thunder.

We are looking forward to our new boy’s journey to accepting kindness from humans. I believe this most unique and special horse is going to not only heal a lonely horse’s heart but he will heal broken humans as well.

In light of the stormy weather the day he arrived and because of his unbroken spirit, we have named him Storm.


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