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We don’t know all the darkness of past cruelty that Sedona carries with her but we do know it is significant and was life altering and defining for her.
3 years ago an angel stepped into her life forever changing her journey. That angel is Liz Radley. Sedona was going to be sold back to the horse trader who likely had a hand in the past cruel offenses. Thankfully, her angel intervened providing her with a fresh start.
Sedona spent 3 years with a trusted, skilled and compassionate trainer to find out if she could get through her past trauma and be safely ridden. It was finally determined that the amount of stress and fear being ridden created for Sedona, and huge risk for the rider, was not what was in her best interest.
Another angel became part of Sedona’s next chapter. That angel is Marlene Dodge. She is one of the most intuitive horse women at understanding the individual needs and true essence of a horse. She knew the very best thing for Sedona was to go to a trusted sanctuary where she could just be but never be ridden.
AGN is honored to be that sanctuary.
Sedona is an extremely intelligent and intuitive being. Special beyond what we can even imagine. We believe her healing journey will be a transformative one not only for her but those she heals in the process. She is powerful medicine and we believe has a huge purpose in this life that will eclipse the notion of her being ridden.
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