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We have a new resident at the ranch, albeit not our usual type.

Clover, a Patagonian Cavy, was used in a petting zoo. Once that became defunct she was banished to a solitary life in an enclosure.

Thankfully, her plight, and that of the other petting zoo victims, was learned by Dannielle Marturana of The Home Stretch Rescue. She was able to get Clover and several others removed but placing Clover was proving to be more challenging.

With the placement of Ringo we had room in a fully enclosed habitat. After extensive research on nutrition and habitat needs we agreed to provide Clover sanctuary at our ranch.

Clover is a very gentle and loving soul. It’s heartbreaking this very social being has never known the company of her own kind. We will continue to evaluate her needs and research other sanctuaries or rescues that may have a Cavy. Ideally, she will either be placed with another Cavy or we will bring in a female Cavy companion for her.

Clover would love some visitors to help ease her loneliness. Please contact us via email or pm if you would like to be a love donor for Clover.

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