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Molly's Story

Of the many animals AGN has rescued, one animal in particular has made a huge impact. This is her story:

Molly was found alongside the road, left under a tree to die, abandoned, neglected and picked up by Animal Control. They called Animal Guardian Network who immediately took her to the vet. She could not walk, nor barely lift her head. Her skin was literally flaking off in places and her eyes would not focus. A thorough vet examination revealed even more, this dog was severely dehydrated and her organs had already begun to shut down. They said there was no hope for this dog. Not in Carrie Singer’s eyes. All dogs have hope and deserve loving comfort even if their days are short. With that, Animal Guardian Network decided to show decency to the suffering pup, scooped her up and named her Molly Bear.

Carrie sprang into action with the best vet care and medications. It became clear Molly had not eaten or had adequate fluids in a very long time, which made her digestive system very touchy. Carrie had to try many different foods to find just the right balance of baked chicken, Greek yogurt and refined organic mushrooms. Molly could not walk, so Carrie gently carried her everywhere. Carrie held her while she relieved herself, took her outside to her favorite lounging spot and over to her food, where she hand fed her every meal. Reiki and acupuncture were added to Molly’s treatment and that seemed to greatly ease Molly’s body pain. Carrie shared all of this progress with us in daily Facebook posts. Little did she know, the world was watching….and her audience and their prayers were growing. As the days passed and Molly settled into her routine, she rallied. Miraculously, Molly began to move her legs. Then one day she stood, and then she began to walk on her own. All of this caught on video and shared with the world. Somehow, her neurological disease that caused her head tilt and eye issues was gone! Even the vet was shocked. This doesn’t just “go away”, but on Molly it did.

Molly quickly became a beacon of hope. Hope for those forgotten, abused, neglected and abandoned. Hope for humanity. Although this was the most horrible case of animal abuse Carrie had ever seen, there were many posts and shares of Molly’s progress that showed good people are still out there. Molly’s supporters stretched around the world. Tens of thousands rallied for her. Molly finally knew what love was. Molly showed the true power of love, a fighting shiba spirit and….miracles. When Molly’s time came, she left this world with dignity, grace and the love of thousands. Her time with us was short, but she made such an impact on so many people. Her final post was read by over 45,000 people worldwide. She shall never be forgotten. None of this would have been possible without the generous supporters of Animal Guardian Network. There is so much that goes into each and every rescue. Please consider supporting AGN. It took a huge network of people and resources to make this miracle happen. Be part of the next miracle. The miracle of our Molly.

Molly’s Story – Lovingly written by Michelle Hacker

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