Healing Heart Chapel

The non-denominational Chapel offers pet guardians a special place to grieve, pay tribute to a life passed, or celebrate a life saved.

Once inside the chapel, visitors will find walls filled with tribute angels each bearing the name of a pet, or person, that has passed. It is a comforting reminder that they are not alone in their grief and the beloved pets that have passed will not be forgotten.

Two beautiful stained glass windows filter in a rainbow of colors, and remind us of the bridge our beloved pets cross when they pass.

The Chapel’s double doors open to a secluded garden with a peaceful water feature and soothing music. The thoughtful design keeps visitors connected with nature while within the comforting setting of the chapel.

*Please contact us for Chapel hours.

The Healing Heart Chapel was built in honor and memory of Molly Bear. Click here to read the story of a special dog whose life touched tens of thousands of people.

Purchase a Tribute Angel from our online store and we will customize it with your pet’s name and hang it in our chapel. Provide a picture, name and a couple lines about the pet, or person, you are honoring and we will post the tribute on Facebook.

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