Toby was dropped off by his former family asking us to please help him find a better life. They loved him but knew they could not provide the life and care he deserved.
Toby’s vet care and grooming were taken care of followed by helping him get accustomed to loving indoors in the company of other dogs.
Toby now has his very own family! He has 2 canine siblings along with everything a pup could want!


Congratulations are in order!!! Our little Chula joined her forever family today.

Chula came to us 4 years and 1 month ago when she was surrendered by her family. Her trust, and her heart, were completely broken. It took a very, very long time to help her heal and learn to trust again.

Our hearts are full as Chula begins her new journey with a family that will love and cherish her for the rest of her life. It also fills us with pride in our unwavering commitment to those we care for.

Congratulations Michael, Karin and Chula!!!

Gypsy & Dusty

Did it happen??

Did puppy dreams come true??

Did Gypsy and Dusty get the family they were always meant to have??

YES THEY DID!!!!!!!!!!!

Please join us in congratulating Ira and Ilene Jacobson as they welcome Gypsy and Dusty into their family.

Happily ever afters DO come true. Our hearts are filled with joy.


It’s official, Cheyenne has her happily ever after family complete with two handsome brothers.

From a high kill shelter filled with others of her breed, rescued by AGN to a loving home, Cheyenne is an example that everyone deserves a life full of love. We are so proud of her!

Congratulations Robert, Yvonne, Taz, Willie and Cheyenne.


Our little Shiba pup Nikkei hit the jackpot with her wonderful new family.

Not only does Nikkei have two Shiba brothers, she also has two small humans if her very own. Kevin is a two time adopter, an awesome Shiba dad and he serves our country.

We couldn’t imagine a better family for Nikkei! Congratulations to the Borgatti family!


Happy News!

Keeping our promise to the ones we save has no expiration date. We promised Kimiko the perfect family that would truly deserve such a treasure. After 4 years and 4 months we made good on that promise.

Our precious Kimiko was adopted by a very loving couple, Ken and Vicki. She will be the center of their world giving her a dream life.


After 3 weeks in the hospital, Wiley was stable enough to be moved to AGN’s sanctuary and healing center. Over a 6-month period Wiley underwent a strict nutritional rehabilitation regimen gaining 19 lbs. Wiley’s story was heard by many earning him the prestigious 2015 FACC’s HERO award. This is the second such award received by a dog saved by AGN.

Wiley has since settled into his new home and is living a dog’s dream life thanks to the life-saving work of Animal Guardian Network.

Two years and two days from when he arrived at AGN, our little Kitsune found his fairy tail family. What’s special about this fairy tail is the amount of love that fills and surrounds it. This family dedicated spending time at AGN and building a bond knowing any adoption would not take place until their senior girl passed over the rainbow bridge. They spent time with their future pups filling their hearts with love while honoring and preserving the love of their first pup. This was quite possibly one of the most harmonious and beautiful adoptions we have had.  We kept our promise to 10-year-old Kitsune and 2-year-old Amaya giving them the kind of family dog dreams are made of!

Happiness Alert!

It’s official, baby Janey’s adoption was finalized!

From unloved and alone in a cold cement cell in Mexico to a loved and cherished family member. Animal Guardian Network was happy to serve as the bridge that led this special pup to the family she was always meant to have.

Congratulations to Karl, Joanne, Anya, Matt, Bolt and Goober on your newest family member.

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