Carrie Singer, Founder and Executive Director
For over a decade, Carrie Singer has relied on her creative talents to save animals through networking. From fundraising, food and bedding donation drives and coordinating rescues and transports, to assisting low-income people with pet food and veterinary bills, she has shown her commitment to the welfare of animals. In 2007 Carrie's ability to successfully assist animals in need really began to gain momentum. By the end of 2007 she knew an even greater commitment to the welfare of animals and the people who love them was necessary. In 2008 Carrie made a life-changing decision to shift her focus and energy from a successful career in real estate related marketing, advertising and design to helping animals and striving to make a difference. Through these efforts the Animal Guardian Network was born and in April of 2009 became an official 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Robin Romano, Associate Director
Little did Robin know at the time, relocating from Minnesota to Arizona in 2013 would be so completely life changing. Robin’s devotion to Animal Guardian Network and hard work began in 2013. Her dedication garnered her the position of Associate Director in September of 2014. There is no task too big or small for Robin to take on and no amount of love too much to give the animal residents. Robin currently resides in Phoenix with her husband Fred and their beloved rescue dog, Apache.
Joni Millavec, Board Member
Joni’s support from the beginning, both morally and financially, helped Animal Guardian Network become a reality. She is always available to help with any task and puts forth 100% effort. Joni is also very passionate about the preservation of our Arizona desert and volunteered hundreds of hours at the McDowell Mountain Preserve. Joni currently resides in Scottsdale when she’s not traveling abroad.
Joann Roskoski, Board Member
Currently an accomplished artist, JoAnn has put her talent to work benefitting Animal Guardian Network by donating finished pieces and proceeds from sales. JoAnn’s commitment to animals in need has been her lifelong passion. We are pleased to have such a devoted animal lover as a board member. JoAnn currently resides in Phoenix with her rescued cats and dog Harley who was adopted from Animal Guardian Network.
Karla Aufranc, Board Member
Karla currently holds a position as Manager, Strategic Sourcing Services for a global events company. Being an avid lover of the Shiba Inu breed led Karla to Animal Guardian Network in 2014. As a volunteer and supporter since then, Karla has become an invaluable part of the organization. Her skills and commitment have made her an exceptional board member we are fortunate to have. Karla currently resides in Chandler with her partner, Kevin, and their 3 dogs, Kitsu, Amaya and Tom Petty, all adopted from Animal Guardian Network.
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