AGN Sanctuary and Healing Center

AGN provides an assisted living environment where around-the-clock care is provided to an average of 40 plus animals – Specifically, senior, special needs, and terminally ill animals that have been left behind or discarded and otherwise would not be saved.

Dogs, horses, chickens, a cow and other livestock are closely monitored to ensure all medical and environmental needs are met. Additionally, life-saving medical intervention, on-going care, and both long and short-term rehabilitation are provided to the most critically injured and/or ill animals saved from animal control shelters.

Animal Guardian Network is a 100% NO-KILL facility. We do not have an allowable percentage of dogs that we euthanize.

Though we do not breed discriminate, we do specialize in the Shiba Inu breed. AGN’s Sanctuary & Healing Center is one of only two facilities in the U.S. with the ability and experience to provide on-going care for Shiba Inus.

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